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According to statista 28 percent adults suffered from insomnia which affected their sleep.That is the data of developed countries in the world.

Sleep is as important to human health as charging a mobile phone requires electric charging. So complete your sleep so that you can solve life’s problems in a calm way.

Reason of Don’t sleep:

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Research has shown that the main cause of sleep deprivation is depression and anxiety. Man has included unlimited desires in his life, for the fulfillment of which he is restless all day, and plans at night. Spends So prioritize needs over desires in your life, so that the goddess of sleep can be kind and avoid depression and anxiety.

Doing exercise regularly:

While exercise makes the human body healthy and strong, it also helps in improving the sleep routine. Exercising for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning is the best practice. Exercising before going to bed, more Causes waking up late. Because the limbs are activated by exercise, and it takes time for them to relax. Therefore, the best time to exercise is early in the morning. Make it a habit to exercise daily, and get better sleep.

Do not take too much food:

There is a popular saying that always eat less dinner and walk more. After dinner, one only has to rest, so it takes more time to digest the food. According to medical experts, we should take dinner two hours before going to bed. It is more beneficial to eat food so that the food can be digested. So eat less dinner and enjoy sleep. In addition, drinking milk before going to bed can also cause drowsiness.

Overcome the stress level:

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Ignoring the bitter experiences and issues of the day before going to bed reduces stress. If we count the blessings of nature given today, then the mental stress will be reduced and sleep will come sooner. So ignore complaints. Always have a positive and calm attitude, and get a good night’s sleep.

Take hot bath at night:

Bathing with warm water before going to bed at night is considered to be useful for sleep. If you feel every drop of water while bathing, you will get a different relief. This will reduce the fatigue and mental stress of the day. Will, and soon will fall asleep.

Bedroom must be compatible:

The room in which you are accustomed to sleeping should be as quiet as a place of worship. Noise in the room disturbs a person’s sleep. Your pillow should be soft, and turning off all the lights in the room is sleep Causes to bring.


Avoid unlimited desires in life, exercise on a daily basis, eat less dinner, ignore all the bitter experiences of the day, choose a comfortable room to sleep in, and take a warm bath, etc. There are treatments to make up for the shortfall.



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