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  • Do you not reach the destination even though you intend to? Do you also become weak in difficult situations? Are you also a slave to the opinions of other people? So let us know the answers to all these questions from the alchemist formula. . The Alchemist is a wonderful book that has sold over 65 million copies worldwide. It has been translated into more than 56 languages.
  • This is the story of a young shepherd who dreams of hiding treasures in the pyramids of Egypt. To fulfill this dream, he sells his sheep and takes money to Egypt. All the money is taken away from him. He lives in an area where he doesn’t know the local language Arabic at all. He starts working in a shop during which what is the reality of his life? And how do you create power in your personal thoughts? Finds answers to these questions.
  • After earning some money, he goes back to his destination. On the way, he is caught by a tribe and enslaved. He introduces himself as a magician. That I disappear from one place to another in a minute. Whatever man puts all his energy into achieving, then nature also begins to help in achieving this goal.
  • So he used the power of the unconscious to prove a practical example of disappearing from one place to another. The chief of the tribe left him. Then he starts digging the pyramids of Egypt where the treasure is buried in a dream.
  • When a man asks him why he was digging under the pyramids of Egypt, he tells him the whole story of his dream. The man loudly laughed.He said I am also seen a dream .The treasure is buried under a tree in front of him in Spain. This is the place where this young man has a dream. He goes and digs under the tree and finds the treasure.

Let’s learn about the lessons from this story.

Your will can draw the power of nature:

  • When a person seeks to achieve any goal with true passion and sincerity. So the system of nature also creates such favorable conditions. Nature begins to send people into life who already know the path to success. Whose guidance saves time and energy. So strengthen the spirit of your destination and the grace of nature help to Succeed.

Do not give up accept the failure:

  • Never give up trying for fear of failure in the journey of life. Ask yourself daily how far you have come in achieving the goal? How far do you have to go? Why is it important for you to achieve all this? The fact of life is that you have been knocked down seven times. But you have to stand up eight times and face it. Accept the mistakes. Learn from Succeed by enhancing your experience.

Convert your thoughts into actions:

  • Applying the knowledge and experiences gained in one’s life to practical life is the only guarantee of success. Many people have reached the moon in the imaginary world. But in practical life they are not ready to leave home to achieve the goal. Practicing their ideas is the key to success. Practice makes life heaven and hell. This man is neither light nor feminine in its nature.

Do not care by others:

  • Do not change the virtues of nature at the behest of people. Listen carefully to everyone. Learn from it and always give importance to what is in your heart. Don’t change your natural attitude because of this one sentence what people will say. According to psychologists, a person who thinks eventually becomes the same. Therefore, if you think well, it will be good.

One line concept:

  • Recognize the voice of your heart. And do your best to complete it. Believe that success will also run and embrace.



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