M Ali Alam
3 min readMar 14, 2021

There should be a smile on the face. There must be life in the intentions. Hard times will pass. You must be flying high.


Every flower that blooms in this garden of the world must face the harshness of the environment. In which the factors such as the severity of the weather, the tightness of the conditions, the opposition to the wind have to face. It is not possible for a flower to grow without enduring the harshness of the environment.


How to tolerate the harsh behavior of people in human life? How to force your intentions? How to have a hard time? And how to get your flight up to standard? Find answers to all the questions.


Nature has put in the smile the power that solves even the biggest problem. The rule of the world is that she always wants a smiling face. Birds also visit the garden w

here there are beautiful flowers and trees. So make the smile your strength and start ignoring the bitter experiences, thoughts, and situations that people give you. No one likes it. No one in this world has time to listen to your problems. Everyone is wandering in the market of their problems. So we have to put a smile on our face and ignore the bitter experiences of people. A smile is a cure for a hundred sorrows.


Putting life into intentions means continuing to ignore all the world’s criticism of your plans, methods. The purpose is the formula that gives life to your intentions. A study of his life reveals that he has lived his life for a specific purpose. For this, they had to work hard, plan, and constantly strive to be their partner. Nature also gives purposeful people more opportunities in life. The earth swallows up the unwary quickly. For example, an alcoholic dies prematurely, while an educated and purposeful scholar lives a long life in this world. Therefore, in this world, people connected with the field of knowledge and teaching have a longer life. So bring strength to life’s intentions and be immortalized on the world map forever.


A king said to his minister, “Tell me a sentence that makes me happy when I hear it in a state of grief and sad when I hear it in a state of happiness.” The characteristic of time is that it never remains the same. Time is not subject to anything, but circumstances are subject to time. It is also said in the inspired book that after every difficulty there is ease. Therefore, when you are faced with storms of difficulties, you should understand that God Almighty is going to give you ease. Take the effort and patience and leave the results to God’s mercy. Inshallah God Almighty will choose the best thing for you.


For man in this universe is what he strives for and hopes for. Now it is up to man to focus only on his personal goals or collective goals which have a plan for the well-being, progress and prosperity of humanity. Eating, drinking, raising children is not a big deal. Even animals do this job easily. Therefore, if we look at it from this point of view, there is no difference between human beings and animals. The highest human being is the one who creates ease for the creatures created by God. When we please His creatures. Therefore, whenever you ask the owner of the universe, always ask for more, because our thinking is small, but the giver is the owner of a big caste. Nothing is out of his control.

[Ask big] =[Reward big]



M Ali Alam

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