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  • As soon as the word politics comes to mind, the attention inadvertently goes to lies, slander and deceit. In the world of politics, there is no work of ethics. The only successful candidate in politics is the one who knows the art of cunning and lying.


  • Biden’s story has dispelled all negative perceptions about politics.Giving love always pays off. Biden’s victory in the recent US election proved this statement to be true. In this US election, the competition was not only between two personalities but also between their thinking.
  • On the one hand, Trump, the capitalist thinker, in whose eyes the United States was the first, the white race the highest and the most money-making was considered a sign of success. When the two competed, the spirit of love prevailed and the negative spirit was defeated.Joe Biden is a self-made man who used his talents to make honor, fame and wealth his companion.


  • Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA on November 20, 1942. He belonged to the lower middle class. Joseph Biden’s father, Catherine Jane his mother immigrated to the United States from Ireland. He is the second Catholic politician to be elected President of the United States after John F. Kennedy.


  • You would be surprised to learn that Biden, who became the president of the superpower America, was stuttering as a child. He could not even pronounce his name correctly. His stuttering language was ridiculed at school and in the neighborhood. Joe Biden was determined to overcome this error. He began to practice speaking by standing in front of a mirror every day. After several months of continuous practice and strong will, he overcame his stuttering language.


  • Since school, Biden has been selling newspapers to cover his expenses. He knew about his domestic affairs. His father did not have the power to pay for his out-of-pocket expenses. That,s why he trained himself to fulfil their expenses by selling newspapers.


  • According to school records, he was an average student. But because of his cheerfulness, and talkative temperament, he became the darling of the whole school. It became famous that he would talk even if from a pole. So it will force him to speak too. He was full of the ability to easily make friends with strangers.


  • According to which all human beings in the world are equal. Wealth, color, race and religion cannot elevate anyone. They would be willing to do anything to bring happiness to their family. But the only condition would be that no one would raise a finger on their self-esteem. If he does not get respect, even if his salary is millions of dollars, it becomes meaningless.


  • After completing his education, Joe Biden became a clerk in an American oil company in 1939. When the war of independence ended, Joe lost his job. He suddenly fell from the throne to the floor. He also had to do menial jobs. In 1950, he also worked as a chimney sweeper in a factory to meet household expenses.
  • In order to balance his finances, he started a business in which he could not succeed. When he started another business, his partner ran away with the money. This suggests that Joe Biden was a man who trusted people quickly. Eventually, he started working as a car salesman, which gradually took over the house.


  • Joe Biden went to the beach in the spring of 1960. There he met Nelia, a wealthy girl, whom Biden sacrificed. Neilia will soon be influenced by Biden because of her talkative language. The two decided to get married.
  • Neilia’s parents did not approve of the relationship, as Biden belonged to a middle-class family. The incident gave a new twist to Biden’s life. He turned his full attention to education. He took admission in law degree university. Seeing this hard work, and seriousness in their work , Neilia’s parents also agreed to get married.


  • After obtaining a law degree, he remained associated with various law firms. In 1970, he became a member of the Democratic Party. Gradually, Joe began to like politics more than advocacy. At the same time, local council elections were held. He took part as counselor in the election and won.


  • The election of 1972 changed the course of both Biden’s politics and his life. The Senate James Club was very popular in the Senate election. No one was ready to compete against him. Despite the lack of electoral resources, Joe Biden Decided to run in the election. In the election campaign, which was well supported by Biden’s family. Going from house to house, he introduced Biden’s ideology to the people. The Jim Club could not run its election campaign due to old age. As a result, Joe Biden won the senator election at the age of 29.


  • A month after winning the Senate election, Nelia was on her way home with her children when she was involved in a car accident in which she died along with her daughter. In this difficult situation, Biden did not want to run for senator but his parents insisted. So he took oath in the hospital.


  • The 2008 US presidential election saw Biden face off against young Barack Obama, in which he lost. Due to his experience and popularity, Obama made him his vice president.It is the result of his strong character and self belief.


  • In 2015, Joe’s eldest son, Beau Biden, was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer treatment was so expensive that Joe Biden agreed to sell his home. With the help of friends, the treatment was arranged. Beau Biden did not recover and died. The incident broke Joe Biden once again.


  • The life of Joe Biden teaches us that man should not be discouraged in difficult situations. If life falls once, he should face it again. When it comes to wealth and honor, he should choose honor. Strong intentions and consistent structure are the secret of success.



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