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Successor failures are part of life. That is why it is remaining till the life journey. we may train ourselves for success in life. We become successful if we know which factors are causing failure. As talking about academic performance, some students are failing in the examination process. There are some basic reasons for their failure in the exam subjects which are following.


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Parents are the personalities that first interact with the child on the earth planet.FRENCH parents reported that his care and concentration on their children show 38 percent progress in their school activities. It is said that especially mother is the first school of the child. If a mother is well-educated the all offspring’s success chances in life much greater than compared to those parents who are illiterate. According to a developed country like Russia, 78 percent of parents are helping their children in future planning. That is the key to their success all over the world forum of any field of life.


For the betterment of the new generation and country must be increased the rate of literacy in the country. So that the whole nation makes progress by leaf and bound.


Most of the parents suffering harsh conditions of employment and method at homes and it was greater among the boys 28.9 percent. The financial issue is a second major reason for failure in the exams. When students do not resources to buy notes, gadgets, and other helping materials for the preparation of tests. Highly qualified universities which are famous all the world required a budget to fulfill the education expenses. Now a day qualification and education for those individuals, that have the potential to take up the expenses of universities and their faculty. In a developing country, a one-time meal is available for the main purpose of life. poverty has forgotten the rule of civilization and culture my dears. SOLVING TIP: The milliner of the country should take steps for providing employment. Govt should start loan free scheme to raise the standard of life from poverty. Money circulates in the societies will also decrease the rate of poverty.


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A student as much as strong mentally will be successful in the exams. our all words have great impacts on our mind and body. A man loses first mentally then loses in fact of life. so always speak himself that I am smart, intelligent, and generous in the world.

According to OMAN MEDICAL JOURNAL, 68.8 percent of students are involved in exam phobia. This disorder also suppresses the natural abilities of the children. Almost 49.4% of students are suffering from anxiety which is another psychological disorder that causes the failure of students in the exams.


Being parents or teachers must be given positivity in the children’s minds. We should create self-belief in the children’s personalities. Telling them which think in our mind that is happen in our life. so think positively surely positive impacts on life.


If we take observation of the failure students’ life history, that is no target in their life. All the great personalities of the world which names are shining must have a target in life. Target is the driving force that makes consistent and keeps on the way of target. Target always in the exact figure. For example, I get good marks in the exam is not a good target. I get 960 marks over 1100 score is the rare target. If we don’t any target in life, then we waste our time on the earth and our birth on this planet is useless.


We should give a target to our children’s in the exams and life. That target is trying to work hard and be consistent in life and exams matters. Because target saves us from distraction and keeps the focus on the assignments.


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Parents force their own will on the children’s selection of field. They do not know the interest of their child. They also copy the other person’s field in which they are growing. Every personality in this world unique and its own features. so must keep this fact in mind, we should allow selecting the career in which they have germs of interest.


Allow the children to select their course’s own choice. This is the major step to achieving the goals and purposes of life. They show the best potential in the field which makes them progressive and successful in the journey of life.



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